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Technology is Changing the World, Community Decide the Future!

AMC’s blockchain is called Anoumous Chain. Anoumous Chain technology is powered by the NEM technology using the latest Catapult solution. NEM is a top 20 cryptocurrency by market capitalisation. In addition to that, it sits on top of the next generation Proximax Sirius platform so that we can provide a holistic solution that includes a distributed database and distributed file storage solution, making the Anoumous chain as one of the most versatile blockchain solutions in the world.

Through our technology partner, ProximaX, we are also developing a brand new e-wallet solution which is one of the most sophisticated e-wallets in the world making it a win-win for all, especially our Anoumous chain users with a world leading platform technology.

AMC is the only and the world’s first cryptocurrency supported by billion-dollar project among all of the cryptocurrency business models in the market.Technically we have the full support of the “Anoumous Chain”.We have the physical support of the Wisney World for offline too. It is an absolutely unprecedented feat of the combination of numbers and entities!

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Our Mission
“Technology is Changing the World, Community Decide the Future!”
A community of 300,000 supporters

Since Satoshi Nakamoto created the first bitcoin from 2008 until now, the word“cryptocurrency” start to get familiar to the public. However, the abuses of cryptocurrencies due to the current market chaos, makes it difficult to find a standard or suitable positioning itself. It is also difficult for digital assets to measure their actual value. Cryptocurrency is getting more difficult to distinguish their actual application value. Besides, some even use cryptocurrency to implement scams. Therefore, how do we distinguish between quality projects and inferior projects in this chaotic market? How do we avoid to participate in projects with extremely low returns? Or, how do we measure the true value of a project?

AMC is currently the world’s first cryptocurrency which its future value is supported by the integrated entertainment city. In addition, the AMC community is also the core value of AMC. “Technology Is Changing The World, Community Decide The Future.” This is the characteristic of AMC. AMC could predict the future market trends, and all this will be achieved in the future.

AMC is the only cryptocurrency in the market with more than billion market capitalization projects supporting its core value. The Million Chain Alliances promoted by AMC also incurs significant market impact. With the goal of ‘reflecting the true value of cryptocurrency’, the Million Chain Alliances hopes to create a channel for all good companies or enterprises to recognize blockchain and cryptocurrency. It also provides a platform for people who want to participate in the blockchain platform. AMC is not a general cryptocurrency, other than providing technology, AMC’s core value is supported by physical projects, not a platform for a person but a platform with more than 300,000 participants.

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Our Strategy and Project Plan
2018 AUG - OCT

AMC will be attending 9 summits in August which will enable AMC to gain great exposure from different countries

2018 NOV

AMC will open the Middle East market and European market before going online

2018 DEC

Blockchain Media Company officially launched in November

2018 DEC

Launched Series B financing in December

2018 DEC

World’s first committee meeting in December

2019 MAR

Launched Series C financing in March 2019

2019 MAY

The first exchange officially launched in May 2019 (the angels have at least 20 times the revenue on the line)

2019 OCT - DEC

It is expected to complete 3 trading platforms on the line before the end of 2019.

2019 NOV - DEC

It is estimated that the number of active users will reach 1 million by December 2019


AMC market value is maintained at 2020 over $10

Our Leading Team
Meet Our Professionals
Edmund Loo

More Information

– American Blockchain Committee
– Senior blockchain lecturer
– Magis library magician angel investor
– Founder of P2P platform Malaysia success coin
– Malaysian World Union Alliance Special Block chain Market Consultant


WeChat Image_20190925001134
Darren Teh
AMC Vice President

More Information

– Digital Economy Enthusiast
– Founding member of the licensed Crypto Exchange of Estonia, EU
– Chief Marketing Officer of WOW Exchange
– Successfully led the ICO through the winter. Raised over USD 10 million
– Certified Financial Investment & Risks Management Consultant
– Guest Lecturer in International Universities and Colleges
– Invited Speaker in various Blockchain Conferences around the world
– Involved in multi Blockchain Technology Application studies
-Blockchain Advisory and Consultancy
-Multimillionaire in Cryptocurrency


AMC Chief Marketing Director

More Information

Driven Tech professional with several years of experience within the tech space, experienced in trading foreign exchange market, personally and professionally utilizing Forex.


Noman Chaudhry
AMC Advisor

More Information

– Managing Director at Nevcore Technologies
– Director at crytocurrency mining farm
– Founder of Devcrypto


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