Tianchao Shangpin Guiren Liquor
  • Guizhou’s beautiful mountains, high quality water and good climate nourish the essence of Tianchao’s top-grade sauce-flavored liquor, with orthodox Chinese elements and superior product quality.
  • Tianchao Shangpin is innovating on the basis of the traditional sauce-flavored liquor production process. Hot steam passes through the fermented grains, carrying with it extracted flavor and aroma compounds, as well as ethanol vapor, all of which are condensed in a cooling tower and collected. Workers then add fresh grain to the pits or jars to repeat the fermentation. Several rounds of fermentation and distillation produce batches of distilled liquor, which is rated for taste and quality, collected, and stored.
  • Developed by the Kweichow Moutai Distillery Group Technology Development Co. who boosts twenty-years of endeavours alongside a hoard of awards.
  • Described as a “perfect base for a cocktail,” the Tianchao, a Chinese liquor that’s honest and innovative. It’s soft and harmonious with finesse and elegance as well as versatile and made to be experimented with.
  • Tianchao Shangpin finally launched a 53% abv. sauce-flavor baijiu which owns the harmonized type characteristics of the aroma elegance, taste fineness and harmony degree between the aroma and taste, which can be rated as the top liquor.
  • Tianchao Shang Pin follows the brand strategy of “Evolution of Made in China to Create in China, China Speed to China Quality, China products to China brands’’. It takes only a few years to become a well-known Chinese liquor brand and an assured Guizhou liquor brand from an unknown new product.
  • Awarded the “70 Brands of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of The People’s Republic of China”.
  • Won the Gold Medal of Concours Mondial de Bruxelles Spirits Selection and dual-certification of the Kingdom of Belgium and the EU
  • Won 206 international and domestic industry honors and five international awards.
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