Breo iNeck 3 Electric Massage Neck Pillow

  • Crafted with comfort in mind, the iNeck 3 fits comfortably with C-shaped neck support, leaving your hands free. Its design follows the contours of the neck and focuses on specific target areas such as the sides and nape of the neck.
  • Three-node massage heads simulate the kneading massage of a professional massage therapist.
  • The iNeck 3’s three different massage modes allow you to choose from a wide range of massage types such as deep tissue or friction massages.
  • The outer cover made of a smooth suede material is breathable and anti-allergic to the human skin.
  • The rechargeable battery via a USB cord make the iNeck 3 portable and easy to travel with.
  • APP control. iNeck 3 allows you to customise your massage experience with your personal preference.


Breo iSee M Eye Massager

  • Through the function of air pressure and hot compress, it can effectively improve blood circulation around the eye, relieving dry eyes and fatigue.
  • The folding mechanism is designed to allow the massager to be carried in a pocket so it’s available when you need it.
  • Along with the options of 3 air pressure mode, you can now pre-set the length of your massage session, temperature of the warm compress and even create your own music playlist all from your mobile devices.
  • APP control. iSee M allows you to customise your massage experience with your personal preference.
  • 1150mAh battery,easy to charge and the charge stays for multiple uses.
Incorporate with AMC
  • AMC members can purchase one set of BREO iNeck 3 and BREO iSee M with AMC.

Experience a unique neck and eye massage in the comfort of your own home with one set of massager.

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