• A gaming company with independent research development and operation capabilities
  • Experienced in game development
  • Leading R&D technology and comprehensive product system
  • One-to-one, all-round after-sales service system
  • Products include 3D fishing, Slots Machine, Tian Di He, Three Card, Guangdong Mahjong, Bull Bull, Dragon Tiger Game, Dou Di Zhu
  • All game products are open to AMC users, enabling instant exchange of gaming points, allowing all players to enjoy fun gaming experience.
Incorporate with AMC

Experience stage

√ First Benefit: After game registration, first timer is given an additional 20% of the gaming points when convert AMC to gaming points.
√ The second benefit: occasional rewards event with big prizes, for the top players, the weakest players, the players with longest play time, and also the players who convert the most gaming points.
√ Third benefit: no losers, all players earning game points.

Game rewards redemption stage

√ Gold
√ Luxury Bag
√ Watch

Game pass release stage

The gaming points generated in the Best Luck gaming platform will be redeemable for the purchase of AMC coins in the AMC Ex wallet for real cash trading.

Steps of Participation
  1. Browse
  2. Login your account
  3. Click ‘Project’
  4. Choose the project to participate in
  5. Click ‘I want to participate’