Target Film Limited
  • An entertainment company that integrates film development, investment, filming, post-production, film creation team management, etc.
  • Only cooperate with film production company with a good box office record in China and Hong Kong
  • A company founded by a veteran creative film and television technology production team
  • A company which only focus on investing in and developing online drama and cinema movie IP assets
  • One of the leading studios in the ASEAN region for animation and visual effects production.
  • The company is often invited to take part in international film projects and film production.
  • With decades of experience, the professional team has assisted Japanese animation production companies and action film projects over the years. The team provide high quality film special effects services for the regional film industry too.
Incorporate with AMC
  1. Movie project sponsorship- All sponsors receive a contract
  2. The sponsorship revenue is the proceeds from the three movies and the net box office as final proof:
    *Please contact the person in charge of the company for movies or online video production.
Steps of Participation


  1. Login your account
  2. Click ‘Project’
  3. Choose the project to participate in
  4. Click ‘I want to participate’