Probio-peptide Powder
  • Probio-peptide powder repopulate the gut with a healthy colony of bacteria, reduce the number of harmful bacteria, repair the intestinal lining,  reducing gut inflammation, adjust endocrine disorders, while improve fatty liver syndrome by decreasing body weight, serum alanine aminotransferase, triglycerides, insulin and hepatic triglycerides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids with  “gut microbiome optimization + special nutrition + science based diet”, without medication and injection.
  • Probio-peptide powder increase the number and function of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) significantly up to 40 times.
  • Lifetime Peptides Skin & Gut detoxify, nourish, hydrate your skin while regulate endocrine, and rejuvenating your youthful skin from within.
  • Lifetime Peptides Scars Repairs Stretch Marks help to repair stretch marks, crepe skin, speckle etc.
  • Lifetime Peptides Liver Detox, is known as the Toxin Cleanup Expert to help repair fatty liver and chemical liver damage
  • Lifetime Peptides Cardiovascular clearance cleans up long-term drug residues in the body, enhances immunity, help to keep your blood clean and free of toxins and waste.
Incorporate with AMC

AMC can be used to redeem weight management solution

3 kinds of probio-peptide powder, with any combination of Lifetime peptide product

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