THE AGE OF Health Management Limited

THE AGE OF Health is a smart integrated health management service platform which founded on 30 November 2018. The company has a strong customer service system by using artificial intelligence technology for health management, big data technology for health records and data analysis and also provide professional health management services.

Based on health care managers, health product suppliers, home healthcare products built with intelligent AI, and customized health solutions, THE AGE OF Health is committed to the concept of “prevent better than cure, healthy for life”, promoting anti-aging health industry, and spreading the concept of natural therapy to let more people change their sub-health status while enjoy healthy and longevity through professional health management services.

THE AGE OF Health predicts and assesses body health from many aspects. Backed by Sunbird’s regenerative medical technology, THE AGE OF Health promotes the body’s self-healing by studying the normal tissue characteristics and body functions, wound repair and regeneration mechanisms, cell differentiation mechanisms, promote regenerative to improve or restore the function of damaged tissues and organs to conduct a healthy life with a full range of health interventions.

Stem cells

  • Homing, self-renewal replication, and multi-directional differentiation potential of primitive cells, are the origin cells of the body
  • Standardized construction of clinical stem cell banks (stem cell storage) will become the basis for industrial development
  • Implement industry-recognized standard specifications – Standardization of stem cell preparation and detection systems is the technical support for industrial development
  • Stem cell therapy will gradually become the future direction of industrial development. The establishment of institutions and enterprises with good therapeutic service will occupy a favorable position in the competition.
  • Resource and technology integration is an inevitable trend of industrial development – establishing a new medical model of stem cell transformation
  • Jilin Province Sunbird Regenerative Medicine Engineering Co., Ltd. is the most authoritative stem cell bank in Asia
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Services Packages
Autologous fat stem cell for face Limited
Earned a share of the second film contract
Included full VIP 5 star hospitality without flight ticket
Autologous fat stem cell for face
Stem cell bank fat storage Limited
Earned two number of shares of the second film contract
Included full VIP 5 star hospitality
Included VIP round trip flight ticket (Mainland only)
Autologous fat stem cell anti-aging
Autologous fat stem cell anti-aging
Immune cell sub-health conditioning
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